Magic! This smart glasses can save the color blind people

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The world is colorful, but for people who are color blind (generally referred to as red green color blindness) and color weak, there are some things missing, which is regrettable.
Of course, with the development of science and technology, it is possible for people who are color blind and color weak to regain the ability to distinguish colors through small tools. For example, a pair of smart glasses.
Prosper's team from Russia is developing a smart glasses that will allow people who are color blind and color weak to recognize colors again.
In short, the legs of prosper glasses are equipped with a vibration motor, while the glasses are equipped with a filter type LCD liquid crystal layer, which is calculated by a microprocessor, and the color of the liquid crystal lenses is changed by using different vibration amplitude to enhance the color.
How does prosper fit different color blind and color weak people? Naturally through smartphone apps. Before using, users need to use the app to set and adjust, find the most suitable enhanced color rendering mode, and then just turn on the glasses switch once and for all.
At present, prosper has completed the prototype design and testing, but has not yet been in mass production. According to prosper, there are still some deficiencies in color enhancement of glasses, and the team is still optimizing them. In addition, the glasses design is not fashionable enough at present, and the team is trying to improve it as much as possible.